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June 21
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[UTAU Tuto] How to use a MacTAU on UTAU [Lazy way] by TheMirakuloidProject [UTAU Tuto] How to use a MacTAU on UTAU [Lazy way] by TheMirakuloidProject
I am really sorry for the size...Artweaver died with the first version of that tutorial because it was too big//cries

So while I was almost-streaming , I talked about UTAU with DeathRuby and we realized the UTAU community (well a part of it) was missing an important information: WINDOWS UTAU CAN CONVERT MAC OTOS TO WINDOWS ONES, NO NEED TO RE-OTO YOUR 99-pitch VCV AGAIN...ONCE IS ENOUGH!!

Then she asked me to make a tutorial and since I never made any since then I made that crap...Sorry if you still can't understand. I can't explain stuffs OTL.

You should be grateful to DeathRuby [GO WATCH HER] because without her, I could have died without telling anyone about that.
Thanks  for staying during the whole stream btw ;7;/ <3

Hope it will be helpfule to all of you and especially MacTAUs users!
Yami [AVERY] Sukoshi belongs to DeathRuby
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kaicream Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  New member
this is something i dont regret seeing

we need to make this a bigger thing like now
I am pleased to know that.

I know but I don't know much of UTAU groups out there so I spread the word where I could ouo
kaicream Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  New member
sobs could you maybe make a more /pro/ version so i could link it on my utau's wiki sweats
Mais c'est professionel mon tuto NON?!

No problem! I am on holidays so I will try to make it for you uvu

Je viens de me rendre compte...que tu avais un nouveau compte...est-ce que je reçois mon prix du pire watcher maintenant ou plus tard? 8D
kaicream Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  New member
très pro

oka y thanks sob

ouais bah je voulais pas faire un nouveau compte mais j'avais fait un dessin et j'étais comme eh let's just make a new one idgaf anymore mais j'ai réalisé tantôt que personne pourrait vraiment me reconnaître so j'ai mis mon sc LOL

 shhhhhhhh *donne le prix* shhhhhhh
Merci...j'ai pris un temps fou à faire ça...30 minutes.

You're welcome!

Je me souvenais avoir vu le dessin dans ma inbox et avoir fait le lien avec sc mais ça n'a pas tilté tout de suite que c'était un nouveau compte...pfft

Merci. *verse une petite larme de fierté*
kaicream Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  New member
:u wow 30 min

baa ah c'est pas grave ehue hu  ehe hue 
NezNezz Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aah, this is awesome! Thank you so much!
I am happy to know it helps! You're welcome! 
Pupuomena Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Student General Artist

Finally someone made this! ;v;/
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